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There’s No Better Investment
You Can Make Today Than Strengthening
Your Creative Skills

– LinkedIn Learning

Get Unstuck

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Our Workshop Participants have on average
more than doubled their mean Creativity Score

Breakthrough Results

Every Participant has made significant progress
in the “stuck” project they brought to the workshop


Create Your Creativity Creates Value in Three Worlds


We develop and deliver unique Innovation and Creativity trainings designed to cause rapid, impactful transformation for both businesses and individuals. Our trainings are practical and structured, developed over several years, tapping into the knowledge of dozens of international creativity experts. We’re doing the research so you don’t have to.


We generate content on the topics of Creativity, Innovation, Africa, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and collect and present other relevant content from the most cutting-edge sources worldwide. Yes, again – we do the curation, you get the benefits.


We empower people and organisations to be more creative by public speaking and participation in events, advisory positions, and partnerships and collaborations with other thought leaders in our industry. We’ve developed a special focus on Fourth Industrial Revolution issues and empowering youth.


Why We Exist

[mvc_flip_box style=”vertical” height=”350″ info_opt=”show_icon” size=”22″ descrsize=”” font_icon=”fa fa-spinner” title=”Are your old thoughts not creating new value?” bgcolor=”#1e73be” front_bg=”#1e73be” icon_size=”30″ icon_color=”#000000″]Our workshops help companies and individuals achieve rapid, measurable,
sustainable increases in innovative thinking.[/mvc_flip_box]
[mvc_flip_box style=”vertical” height=”350″ info_opt=”show_icon” size=”22″ font_icon=”fa fa-ravelry” title=”Are your ideas coming too slow to grow your business?” bgcolor=”#1e73be” front_bg=”#1e73be” icon_size=”30″]Our workshops use proven methods from international innovation experts, combined into a step-by-
step, structured system that is easy to learn and apply to all your projects.[/mvc_flip_box]
[mvc_flip_box style=”vertical” height=”349″ info_opt=”show_icon” size=”22″ font_icon=”fa fa-signal” title=”Would better, faster, easier innovation cause a breakthrough in your company or your life?” bgcolor=”#1e73be” front_bg=”#1e73be” icon_size=”30″]Participants in our trainings have on average more than doubled their mean Creative Thinking score in less than two months, and learned effective ways to manage their Creativity going forward.[/mvc_flip_box]
[mvc_flip_box style=”vertical” height=”350″ info_opt=”show_icon” size=”22″ font_icon=”fa fa-power-off” title=”Do you get lots of good ideas but have trouble implementing them?” bgcolor=”#1e73be” front_bg=”#1e73be” icon_size=”30″]The Innovation Explosion teaches the full Creative process, from preparation to implementation. Whatever part of this process is weak for you will get sorted out.[/mvc_flip_box]
[mvc_flip_box style=”vertical” height=”350″ info_opt=”show_icon” size=”22″ font_icon=”fa fa-crosshairs” title=”Are your projects getting left behind because of creative or motivational blocks?” bgcolor=”#1e73be” front_bg=”#1e73be” icon_size=”30″]Get unstuck. Free your mind. The best way for your business to grow, is for you to grow. Don’t lost more time falling behind. Get more innovative now![/mvc_flip_box]


The Innovation Explosion

CYC’s Flagship Workshop

96% of us have lost the levels of Creativity we had when we were 5 years old, due to ignoring and suppressing our Subconscious. Luckily, we are all born equally Creative, and we can regain our Creativity by unlearning the habits that have blocked it. Some of these habits even help us – but because we’re not aware of the habits and their limits, we can’t improve on them.

THE INNOVATION EXPLOSION is the product of years of research, studying the work of dozens of international creativity experts, packaged into a simple, sensible model backed by real world testing, delivered in 8 x 2 hour modules for individuals, and an alternative of 8 x 3 hour modules or 3 full days for businesses and teams.

THE INNOVATION EXPLOSION is a transformational process that will train you to reshape your thinking and free your mind, whether on your own or as part of a team. And to be able to use the process yourself, again and again into the future. It’s been an incredible success so far. But don’t take our word for it – check out the testimonials.

Future Shock

Why Creativity?


Creative Thinking has been rated as the most important skill in the Fourth Industrial Revolution by the World Economic Forum, LinkedIn, Adobe, and many other sources. The First Industrial Revolution turned humans into robots. Now robotics and automation are turning us back into humans. And Innovation is the most human of all skills.


85% of CEOs agree that creativity is the key to driving economic growth. And Cleverism says that Creativity is THE must-have skill for entrepreneurs. Adobe reports that 88 percent of businesses agree  that investing in Innovation makes them more competitive and have more satisfied customers and more productive employees.


The average sales of innovative companies are 6 times higher than average. Individuals who report as “creative” earn 17 percent more than “non-creators.”  82% of people surveyed agree that Creativity is valuable to society as a whole.


Regular creative thought lengthens life, boosts the immune system, and nearly halves the chance of mental disorders later in life. Merely watching someone else do creative work calms the mind and reduces stress.


Creative Thinking boosts the production of positivity neurotransmitters, making people who practice regular creative thought happier people. People who identify as “creative” are 20% more likely to report themselves as confident, and 15% happier.




Did You Know

[mvc_flip_box style=”vertical” height=”420″ info_opt=”show_icon” size=”22″ front_bg=”#191919″ font_icon=”fa fa-star” title=”WE ARE ALL BORN CREATIVE” bgcolor=”#191919″ icon_size=”30″ color=”#ffffff” icon_color=”#ffffff”]Do you think you “just aren’t that creative”? Or that you are? Yet there is no Creativity gene. Creativity is an inborn skill of every human being. In fact, Creativity is at the heart of being human. It’s one of the things we excel most in.[/mvc_flip_box]
[mvc_flip_box style=”vertical” height=”420″ info_opt=”show_icon” size=”22″ front_bg=”#191919″ font_icon=”fa fa-arrow-circle-down” title=”WE ALL LOSE OUR CREATIVITY AS WE AGE” bgcolor=”#191919″ icon_size=”30″ color=”#ffffff” icon_color=”#ffffff”]98% of five year olds scored at genius level in a famous study, while only 2% of adults scored at that same level. As Pablo Picasso said, the challenge is not to be creative, but to remain creative as we grow up. All of us have lost our Creativity as a result of our life experiences. People who are “more creative” than others today have just found ways to hold onto their natural Creativity. That’s all. It’s not your fault.[/mvc_flip_box]
[mvc_flip_box style=”vertical” height=”420″ info_opt=”show_icon” size=”22″ front_bg=”#191919″ font_icon=”fa fa-magic” title=”EVERYONE NEEDS MORE CREATIVITY” bgcolor=”#191919″ icon_size=”30″ color=”#ffffff” icon_color=”#ffffff”]Many people confuse Creativity with art. That’s because artists know they need Creativity in their work. Really, though, Creativity is a critical skill in EVERY area of life. Maslow put Creativity at the top of the Hierarchy of Needs. Yet at the level of basic survival, finding food say, Creativity can save a person’s life. Having better ideas faster and easier means saving money, time, and stress. It makes people more productive, happier, and healthier. Who doesn’t want that?[/mvc_flip_box]
[mvc_flip_box style=”vertical” height=”420″ info_opt=”show_icon” size=”22″ front_bg=”#191919″ font_icon=”fa fa-cogs” title=”CREATIVITY IS A SKILL, NOT AN ACCIDENT” bgcolor=”#191919″ icon_size=”30″ color=”#ffffff” icon_color=”#ffffff”]We can recover our lost Creativity and even gain much more. Because Creativity is a Creation. A choice. A skill you learn and manage. And however Creative you are, you can benefit from implementing better techniques.[/mvc_flip_box]
[mvc_flip_box style=”vertical” height=”420″ info_opt=”show_icon” size=”22″ front_bg=”#191919″ font_icon=”fa fa-user-circle-o” title=”CREATIVITY MEANS MANAGING THE SUBCONSCIOUS” bgcolor=”#191919″ icon_size=”30″ color=”#ffffff” icon_color=”#ffffff”]The full creative process includes critical thinking, problem solving, and so on. This process happens in a dialogue between the conscious and subconscious minds. But flashes of transformative creative insight come 100% from the subconscious. And most of us have no relationship at all between these two parts of our psyche. We are good at controlling our subconscious. We need to train ourselves to manage it. And building that practice is the basis of Create Your Creativity.[/mvc_flip_box]





[mvc_flip_box style=”vertical” height=”420″ info_opt=”show_icon” size=”22″ front_bg=”#191919″ font_icon=”fa fa-calendar” title=”HOW LONG DOES THE WORKSHOP TAKE?” bgcolor=”#191919″ icon_size=”30″ color=”#ffffff” icon_color=”#ffffff”]

For individuals: 8 sessions. Once per week. 2 hours per session. So, 8 weeks.
For companies and teams each session needs 3 hours to allow for work on the
specific issues facing the team. We can work with you to structure a schedule that
suits you – we have for instance done this workshop in a 3 full day format for
companies, spread over 2 months.


[mvc_flip_box style=”vertical” height=”420″ info_opt=”show_icon” size=”22″ front_bg=”#191919″ font_icon=”fa fa-clock-o” title=”WHY CAN’T WE DO IT IN A WEEKEND” bgcolor=”#191919″ icon_size=”30″ color=”#ffffff” icon_color=”#ffffff”]

To create profound and impactful transformation, you have to practice the skills and work on your focus project OVER TIME. The time between workshops is as important to your creative growth as the time spent in the workshop. If we did two full days back-to-back, you would only have the chance to work on the techniques afterward. When we figure out how to cause the same results without the in-between time to work on your project and yourself, we will let you know.


[mvc_flip_box style=”vertical” height=”420″ info_opt=”show_icon” size=”22″ front_bg=”#191919″ font_icon=”fa fa-magic” title=”WOULDN’T IT BE EASIER TO DO IT ON VIDEO?” bgcolor=”#191919″ icon_size=”30″ color=”#ffffff” icon_color=”#ffffff”]

This is transformation, not information. We measure our success in the actual impact on you. We have found that the results are by far more impactful with direct coaching and the sharing of group experiences. Many people have gotten more from watching another participant’s breakthrough than their own. And if you can’t make a session, don’t worry – the online sessions are all recorded and uploaded immediately.


[mvc_flip_box style=”vertical” height=”420″ info_opt=”show_icon” size=”22″ front_bg=”#191919″ font_icon=”fa fa-cogs” title=”CAN YOU TAILOR CYC TO MY COMPANY?” bgcolor=”#191919″ icon_size=”30″ color=”#ffffff” icon_color=”#ffffff”]

Absolutely. We can also create other bespoke creativity training. We have delivered for example a one-day training in overcoming Writer’s Block for the Writers Guild of South Africa, and a three hour training for student members of AIESEC.


[mvc_flip_box style=”vertical” height=”420″ info_opt=”show_icon” size=”22″ front_bg=”#191919″ font_icon=”fa fa-money” title=”WHY STUDY INNOVATION INSTEAD OF A SPECIFIC HARD SKILL?” bgcolor=”#191919″ icon_size=”30″ color=”#ffffff” icon_color=”#ffffff”]

The content of this workshop is unique, based on years of research. It trains you to
think bet t er, faster, and easier, and allow you to continue developing this skill
forever after. This skill will apply in every aspect of your life.



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Michael Lee

Creator and Main Trainer of Create Your Creativity – Creativity Coach, Screenwriter, Filmmaker

Michael is a coach and trainer, writer, filmmaker, public speaker, and educator.

He is internationally accredited as a Creativity Coach, Life Coach, Executive Coach, and NLP Practitioner. He has taught at WITS, AFDA, and NEMISA, and co-founded and designed the programme and curriculum for Johannesburg’s Academy of Television (ATV), where he was the first Academic Head and still serves as the custodian of Screenwriting and Storytelling. He has decades of experience in the TV and film industry in Africa, Europe and the US and is currently producing screen adaptations of the South African novels The Blessed Girl, Indaba My Children, and The Seed Thief, as well as writing the last two.  

This year he has spoken on Creativity at events including the MyFuture4.0 conference, the AIESEC YouthSpeak Forum, and the Basha Uhuru Creative Festival at Con Hill. He serves on the Research Advisory Committee of the MICT-SETA (Media and ICT Sector Training Authority of SA).


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