Create the Self You Want to Be

Thembile - 4IR Consultant, One of the 200 Young South Africans You Must Take to Lunch 2019

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I joined this workshop because I was looking for some change in my life, and I didn’t know where to start with the change. 

What I learned in the first session already was that the change would not come from external forces or “thinking out the box” but it was all about working with what was within me. Without realising it I had lost confidence in what I knew I was capable of and fed the tiny voice in my head that keeps telling me I am not capable. 

Through this process, I became more comfortable with my thoughts – as suppose to fearing them, I embraced them. This also meant being comfortable with my ideas no matter how radical they may be. 

I would encourage anyone looking to tap into the best version of themselves to take this course.

I Became More Creative Without Even Noticing It

Charly - Actor, Writer, Physical Trainer

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Just after I started this workshop I was cast in a theatre play about refugees that was based on emotionally disturbing true stories. I was shocked to realize that I offered my input to my director without hesitating, and the team loved my ideas. This was new to me – I had really become more creative without even noticing it. It was lucky I was doing this workshop at the same time – the performance was easier, everything really flowed in a way I was not used to.

I’ve learned a great deal about ideas. It  made me feel more confident when I tackled my project, this can be applied in all facets of my life.

Breakthrough Results

Soraya - NGO Chair (Color Me Africa)

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The workshops were invigorating and enlightening. I felt safe to experience and explore and be authentic in our discussions. Where I was stopped in the past, I now create even with other people.My biggest surprise was that I set out in the workshop to work on my business plan for my arts NGO Color Me Africa, and anded up also starting to write my book that I had been putting off for years. Everyone always told me I am a good writer but I just never was able to get going on it. Now II found myself blowing all the barriers through the roof and I am moving full speed.

I’ve been struggling to decide between being based in Johannesburg or Chigao – and now I am able to see that I don’t have to choose one or the other. They are now one big place that I can float in and out of with ease. And this unity now applies to everything in my life.

On the NGO, I also experienced breakthrough results. I have expanded it to build an international team and we have started raising funds for the project. I now see how we can raise half a million dollars this year, and I have brought together the people I need to see it through.I’ve always been a dreamer but now at 59 going on 60, I discovered that I can now accomplish much bigger dreams due to this workshop. The only bad thing I can say is that they ended, and now I miss them!

Incredible, Powerful and Profound

Samia - Education Practitioner, Researcher, Facilitator

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I really enjoyed the very clear tools and found them easy to integrate into my life right now, today.

The depth of the course was outstanding, as was the flow of topics.

Being in the workshops was incredibly powerful and profound, watching people go through transformations quickly, in front of our own eyes.

What I discovered in the context of creativity are powerful insights that I can apply to other aspects of my life. I learnt to look at things differently and gain new perspectives.

My aim was to get clarity on what kind of a business I could set up, which I have achieved. The workshop has helped me shift my thinking from focusing on the business to focusing on me.

I am sure looking back in a couple of months I will see even more results.

It's Going To Be Big. Get In Now!

Zandile - Medical Doctor, Health Coach

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A great clarifier. Helped me clarify that I don’t have to wait until I have everything in place, like a venue, to start my health coaching business. I can start now, do it online, use other people’s venues. The workshop has given me clarity and a great level of comfort that what I have been thinking is actually what I should be doing. Michael is very creative with language and reads people well. He helps participants clarify what they are actually thinking. When he says it back to me, it’s even more recognizable and resonant than when I said it myself. One of my biggest wounds is completion, I start stuff and it stops being exciting so I stop. I was very excited that for weeks I was looking forward to coming every time and actually completing the course. We all come to earth with our sacred packages, and I think Michael is on the money with this one. It’s going to be big, much bigger than anyone even knows, so get in now.

I'll Be Forever Grateful For This Course!

Mildred - Life Coach and Community Activist

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This workshop awoke a creativity in me that was dormant and opened up my thinking again. I’m semi-retired and it triggered a switch, unblocking me from where I got stuck from the losses I’ve experienced in my life. I’ll be forever grateful for this course.

Showed Me A Creative Streak I didn't Know I had

Amantle - Comedian, Actress

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This workshop showed me a creative streak I didn’t know I had. My experience has been entirely in theater where I got something from someone else and made it an act. I never knew I could write my own comedy material from scratch. My first joke, nobody laughed. Now I feel confident to stand in front of people and deliver my own ideas and don’t feel I’m wasting people’s time.

Michael Is Brilliant

Isabelle - Animation Producer, Entrepreneur

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Insightful, thought-provoking, challenging and shifting. I was caught up in paying bills and doing client work and raising money. This workshop gave me a process and system and tools to get creative thinking re;energized in my life. I left a powerful animation project behind for years because I thought it was too big, too expensive, and just kept putting other things ahead of it, even though it was a gift from the universe that had originally come to me effortlessly. It felt like all these years I was kicking a gift horse in the mouth. Through the workshop, the project advanced incredibly. Now I have a clear plan and idea of how to progress, and I’m excited about it again. Michael is brilliant. His approach is clear and easy to learn from. This is such a special offering. I wish it was taught in schools

The Results Are Amazing! Great Workshop.

Driven Entrepreneurs - The Future of Entrepreneurship

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An illuminating journey. The results were amazing. Our team members opened up about the issues within our team for the first time. We are walking away with ammunition to boost the company’s innovation levels. Michael is provocative, straightforward, no nonsense, and funny. Thank you for a great workshop.

I Highly Recommend Michael's Techniques

Reinier - Software Consultant, Blogger

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“From dealing with my procrastination to tapping my personal brand creatively, Michael’s techniques have had a positive impact on my life. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to make change in their life.”

Robust, Productive Coaching

Sisanda - Actor, Writer, Producer

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Michael gave me robust, very productive coaching. Decluttering my problem situation from the cloud of emotions to help me see tangible facts, and approach it with a clear view of actions i can take to get the result I am looking for. This included questions he asked me that lead to introspection to change my disposition. Such that I could see an alternative route to my desired end. Thank you Michael, you helped me see things clearly, and showing me I always have choices, and there’s actions I can take to change things.

Inspired With Tools To Adopt A New Mindset

Nirvana - Musician, Actress

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I love the Creativity Workshop because I wasn’t spoon-fed what to think. I was, rather, guided to think for myself in new ways, even though I’m already a very creative person. I was provided with tools that allowed me to find my own new paths and techniques, not just do what I was told. Michael does a great job leading these Workshops. For me, they inspired a whole new mindset.