“Hi, my name is Anthony Brown, and I this year, I became a millionaire.”

Ah the joy of unwanted, repetitive advertising pop-ups that impair your efforts to actually do worthwhile, needed work over and over and over again….

Have you met Anthony Brown (virtually)? Dont you get such great joy and pleasure of visits from Anthony and his purportedly Millionaire pals almost every time that you try to click on anything?

Let’s say you want to watch, say, videos of cats. When you click on cats you get a list of options on Google but when you try to click on one – instead of that site, a new window opens and here comes Anthony and friends, one after the next, each one of them declaring that they too have just become a millionaire…and you can too…

I have, far too often, had the experience of thinking I’ve slipped through the trap when suddenly I hear Anthony’s voice start playing in the background and I become frantic trying to find where he popped up exactly and turn him off so as not to waste both Internet and my own mental bandwidth – and then I have to still listen while my computer asks me am i SURE I want to leave this page….

Even worse when the page you am actually on is itself blocked by a pop-up static page advertising. MacKeeper is a champion at this, a software designed, supposedly, to prevent security breaches and viruses but seems to be a virus in its own right, demanding that you download it yet again even when it is already installed on your laptop.

Even my efforts to block these ads are foiled by these ads. Looking up on Google “how to stop pop-up ads” – when I click on an article from wiki how, an ad from MacKeeper blocks my full window, and in the background I hear it again…. “Hi, my name is Anthony Brown…”

Then I find Ad Blocker, and I click on the link for it. And here he comes again… “Anthony Brown….”

Anthony’s website is called Millionaire Truth – a very good name because surely he is telling the true method for how to become a millionaire yourself. It’s easy, anyone can do it, and it costs absolutely nothing. I always thought becoming a millionaire most definitely involved spending, earning, and investing time and money so I guess it’s great that Anthony keeps hammering the reality into my head, time and time again. Clearly I am not getting the message.

Pop-ups have been the most hated web experience since at least 2004 – 11 years ago – according to a survey done at that time by Nielsen Norman Group. Last year one of the inventors of the pop-up ad apologized in a public essay (“The Internet’s Original Sin”), pleading that all intentions were good but they ended up creating a monster. This all well and good, but the monster was out of the box, the genie out of the bottle, fifteen years earlier.

The sad thing for me is it seems my Ad Blocker software doesn’t work properly. It blocks the ads that are supposed to appear in the margins of sites like You Tube. But those don’t really bother me. It’s the ones that block my screen and prevent my clicks from going through, or open new windows and start playing videos… and those are NOT STOPPING!!

Here’s the irony. In preparing to write this post, I finally seem to have gotten the Ad Blocker right. And now, no sign of Anthony Brown. So the details I wanted to get extra, things I may have ignored in the contstant rush to turn the darn thing off, I cannot get, and references to Anthony Brown, Millionaire Truth on Google – actually link to what they are supposed to and the only references I can find is of other people writing about how sick they are of Anthony Brown, usually offering, “Great Anthony, Good for you,” things of that nature.

So I have won for the moment. Suddenly I kind of miss Anthony Brown.

But it won’t be for long. We know how these things work. As with Apple getting around the latest jailbreak versions, the powers that advertise will improve their ability to get past the ad blockers, and soon they will reappear to make my browsing experience miserable again.

Advertising will not be blocked for long. The virus will overcome the innoculation on its next cycle. The Millionare Truth will not be stopped.

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